DigiPowerˇ¦s Power On Demand Wins 2006 IT Innovative Application Award

Innovation, availability, scalability extensibility and cost effectiveness are 4 score basis for the jury. There are 50s participators joined in this IT award competition.

According to an official report released from the RUN PC magazine,
ˇ§Committee grants the system network honor to POD for Chung Hwa Telecom IT application because its integration of IT and power management enables the precise electricity control for large data center. It significantly saves electricity for data center over a long period.ˇ¨

DigiPower Power On Demand, POD provides 4 digital power services (1) digital power distribution. MIS could easily know the power usage of each rack. (2) digital power panel. MIS could easily know the power usage of each power panel. (3) digital power switches. MIS could easily manage the power resource and automatically reallocate the power source via reliable power switches during the peak period. (4) distributed power system. DPS is a highly network integrated power management infrastructure built to the data center on a in-rack power basis. It includes digital power conversion, management, protection and quality technologies and combines with IT network technologies.

POD can save electricity bill and heat. POD uses in-rack IP addressable digital power devices for a large data center. It could precisely manage the power and contributes the significant saving in power to enterprises over the long period of time. For more detail information, please send an e-mail to sales@digipower.com.tw or visit our web site www.digipower.com.tw

DigiPower Manufacturing Inc. has been dedicated to power management technology and enterprise viable digital power solution since 1999. Easy to use, flexible to expand, reliable and safe power, inexpensive cost and productive management make DigiPower a leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of power management for the IT industry.

What is the digital power management system?
The digital power management system is a network power management system based on in-rack power devices including in-rack power current, power on/off switches, video, temperature, humidity, automatic rack power loops transfer switches and uninterruptible power suppliers. Thanks for the standardization and all-pervasive Over-IP technologies TCP/IP, UDP/IP and HTTP. Now we can make a robust Over-IP device at an affordable price. Enterprise can easily utilize these in-rack IP addressable devices to manage in-rack power current, power on/off switches, temperature, humidity, uninterruptible power suppliers and automatically transfer the electricity loop to another. You can remotely control all those IP addressable devices, furthermore you can actually see and hear it remotely as you were at the premises. A digital power management system brings the benefits like a successful IT distributed solution does, the benefits include a low initial equipments investment, flexibility to adjust or change, built on operation demand, low overall ownership cost in both a short term and long term. More importantly, enterprise can enjoy the IT productivity of digital power management at a low risk. The return of investment is precisely measurable.

The digital power management system defines a new way how an enterprise can manage hundreds of in-rack power. It automatically reminds enterprise the power rate in a nearly real time basis and precipitate the power usage in a peak period to avoid a power circuit jump or fire hazard breaking the continuity of an enterprise 24x7 operation.

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