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Need help setting up your Microsoft Data Migration Environment? Apply for 24 hours of free Engineering support.

Need help setting up your Microsoft Data Migration Environment? Apply for 24 hours of free Engineering support,

and our expert will assist you in configuring and kick off your proxy based migration system towards Microsoft 365, Teams and SharePoint in the cloud.

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Learn about our safest method to guaranteed error-free data migration towards Microsoft 365, Teams and Sharpoint in the cloud - thanks to proxy technology, see video here:


    Future Workforce Development

    Many companies are not yet clear what this workforce of the future will really look like and what consequences the change will have for workforce management and personnel deployment planning. How can digital networks be made possible? What technology do you need for this? How do the gig economy, i.e. the assumption of small-scale jobs by many freelancers, and blockchain affect talent management and remuneration? And how is a workforce of employees, robots and freelancers controlled?

    Digital Human Resource Management

    HR must be able to provide information on these topics in order to be able to support the business in dealing with future employee requirements.People management in the company has to change. Continuity in working life is decreasing. The demand for mobility and flexible collaboration, on the other hand, is increasing. As a result of these developments, recruiting, corporate culture, management styles and career models must also change.

    HR needs to rethink its workforce management strategy and break new ground. Only then can an environment be created in which cooperation between man and machine is possible and teams do not necessarily work in a common place. It is the responsibility of HR to ensure that the necessary framework conditions are created. Employees must also be informed about the possibilities of structuring their work and contracts.Digital Human Resource Management means:

    • Thus be understood as a new opportunity
    • Dealing with future employee requirements
    • Value-adding human resources work
    • How our Outsourcing Reduces Costs

      We specialize in fueling company growth through the establishment of remote development teams and the acquisition of skilled leadership through nearshoring. Our approach involves crafting cross-functional teams comprising software developers, designers, DevOps specialists, and QA engineers sourced from talent pools in India, the UK, and Mainland Europe. Take advantage of our comprehensive services by contacting us directly with your inquiries. Let us propel your business forward with our expertise and global network of professionals.
    • Challenges with Outsourcing

      Introducing ÔÇśYour Own Offshore OfficeÔÇÖ Model: Challenges Around Outsourcing: ­čÜę Finding the right talent to innovate quickly, at a cost thatÔÇÖs optimal is key. ­čÜę Managing the scalability of team in-line with business growth. Quick Ramp-up ­čÜę Ability to innovate, lack of talent with global tech ecosystem and market experience. ­čÜę Outsourcing partner in different country, different corporate culture, not aligned with our values. ­čÜę Control and Transparency about the resources, quality, and work schedule
    • 240 Days at your disposal

      240 Days at your disposal

      ÔÇó Fully Dedicated Team: Dedicated employees who think about your products and services. ÔÇó Extension of your Team: ItÔÇÖs a cross-continent extension of your existing team. ÔÇó Scale Quickly: A fiscally attractive solution to get the talent you need to scale quickly. ÔÇó Lower Cost of Ownership: Super attractive Cost-Plus model, to reduce the total cost of operation. ÔÇó Same Dev Tools: Same Dev tools, Collaboration & communication platforms of your team ÔÇó Quality of Hiring: Team members are hand-picked based on requirements with the final hiring decision made by you.
    • How does it work?

      Reduced Operating Costs: Establishing teams in emerging tech hubs such as India offers significant cost advantages compared to metropolitan centers in the US and Europe. Benefit from lower overheads and competitive labor rates while tapping into a rich pool of skilled professionals. Embrace the efficiency of cost-effective operations without compromising on quality or innovation. Let us guide you through the process of leveraging these advantages to drive your business forward and achieve your goals at a fraction of the cost.
    • Access to Talent

      Access to Talent

      Access Elite International Talent: India alone annually cultivates over a million new developers equipped with fluent English proficiency and world-class technical expertise, honed through exposure to global business environments. Tap into this vast pool of skilled professionals possessing a unique blend of international business acumen and technical prowess. Benefit from a diverse talent base capable of driving innovation and success in today's competitive landscape. Let us connect you with top-tier talent from India to elevate your projects and propel your organization to new heights of excellence.
    • Complete Transparency

      Complete Transparency

      We, along with our trusted partners, prioritize absolute transparency and control throughout the rigorous selection process of team members. Collaborate closely with our experienced professionals to ensure seamless integration with your existing engineering team. From initial interviews to final selection, you'll have full visibility and authority, ensuring alignment with your project goals and standards. Rest assured, your project's success is our utmost priority. Let us empower you with the right talent and support to achieve your objectives efficiently and effectively.
    • Opportunity to Scale

      With a dependable offshoring partner, scaling becomes effortless. Expand your operations and recruit for any role seamlessly, without incurring the typical financial risks or operational disruptions. Enjoy the flexibility to grow your team and infrastructure with confidence, knowing that your partner has you covered every step of the way. With streamlined processes and expert guidance, navigate expansion smoothly and efficiently. Let us be your trusted ally in unlocking new opportunities for growth and success without the burdensome challenges typically associated with scaling operations.

      We  bringing professional
      people together

      Have a closer look at our specialized services, as we are a Sales & Marketing, Product Development and strategic Purchasing boutique company. We focus on customer acquisition, churn prevention, marketing and sales resilience through various channels with measurable results.

      Our Team

      We are particularly proud of our international staff

      At the same time, we also encourage individual development. All of our collegues are specialists in exciting areas

      • George


        Managing Director: George is the Director at Flanderijn.com - Digipower Consult and CEE Sales Consultant with our joint DevOps M365 migration operations / f.migr8

      • Stephan


        Managing Partner / COO: Stephan from Munich makes software for 30 years, oversees all projects & staffing: His specs are: Ajax, Asterisk, C/C++, CGI/Perl, Java, jQuery, MySQL, PHP, WAP...

      • Tara


        Country Manager UK: Tara organizes it, ask her and you will get great support for all British/Irish affairs and more.

      • Aleksejs


        Technology Principal: Aleksejs is a Senior Software Developer and Consultant Partner, he understands all technical concerns directly.

      • Mohan


        Managing Director: Mohan is the brain behind 365optimise Ltd. and an executive managing partner for professional data management services.

      • Pavla


        Inside Sales and Queries: Pavla takes care on our customers in relation to project & partner management affairs

      • Norbert


        Managing Partner: Norbert is our solicitor and specialist for law and rights from all human resources to single work permit, international contracts and more.

      • Tryfon


        Managing Partner: Tryfon is characterized by his quick High-Tech Marketing comprehension and pronounced empathy as a truly outstanding start-up ventures specialist.


        If you have a question about our services, please feel free to contact us at any time! We are open Monday to Friday 8:30 - 18:30 CET


        Our phone lines are available during normal business hours: (+49) 808 3548 9271 ; New: Coburg (+49) 956 1679 3885


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        About Us

        We are a small, creative team, specializing in sales & data solutions and development. Our goal is to create highly-useable, lightweight, and affordable company and team performance improvement.

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        New Partnership, we welcome our new collegues from Peterborough-UK: 365optimise Ltd.

        2023 - As a new spin-out 365optimise Ltd. makes you choose from top talented data migration veterans. Handpicked specialists service all over Europe and the UK. You will get laser detailed information from our joint tooling specialists from their center of gravity: High profile M365, SharePoint and Teams migrations, along a great sense of their professional personalities.

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