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Businesses use cloud computing to access information anywhere with any compatible device. Why not making use of most modern ways to "up" legacy data in a timely and efficient manner using an M365-optimised and easily plugable solution to perfectly match Microsoft core technologies?

Unlock peak productivity with M365: Data Migration is a professional endeavor, where integration and utilization of the SMART Migration Software Environment ensure secure and efficient execution.

NO MORE TOOLS - Introducing SMART Migration Software

  • Adopt M365 for innovative collaboration and creativity, ensuring data protection essential for thriving in the digital era. SMART Migration further enhances this by securing and managing legacy data, transforming it for operational excellence. Together, they offer a comprehensive solution for organisations aiming to boost productivity, efficiency, and security. SMART Migration secures and manages legacy data, enabling high-profile, efficient data handling and rights management for comprehensive operational excellence.

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  • As SMART Migration Partner we introduce this new and fundamental approach to data migration, transforming the complexity of transferring legacy data into a streamlined and highly efficient process. This end-to-end solution, designed for maximum operational efficiency, simplifies migration by engaging document owners directly and eliminating the need for traditional tools like coding, emails, and spreadsheets. By utilising innovative "proxy files," users can easily organise and plan their migration within Microsoft Teams. This flexible, secure method allows for a seamless transition to SharePoint Online, ensuring your data's integrity and accessibility. Choose SMART Migration for a hassle-free, tailored migration experience.

"Discover the safe and efficient 'proxy-based' process of transferring files from any source to SharePoint through Microsoft Teams."

SMART Migration secures and manages legacy data, enabling high-profile, efficient data handling and rights management for comprehensive operational excellence.

Migration Reporting and Action

Consolidated Reporting: Experience the power of Consolidated Reporting - Gain insight into every migration job across multiple sources and destinations through our comprehensive repository database. With this robust reporting solution, you can effortlessly monitor and resolve issues incrementally and proactively, ensuring a smooth migration process without the clutter of scattered CSV or Excel files. Focus on tackling core root issues while receiving meaningful processing feedback as your migration jobs progress, all within a centralized and organized framework. So, there are no CSV or Excel files floating around.

Streamline Your Legacy Data Migration with SMART Migration

  • Fast, reliable service: Whether you need help with your Data Management, advice on theoretical matters or assistance with practical tasks, you can rely on us to get the job done.
  • Discretion you can trust: Regardless of the Data Migration task or subject matter, you can count on our full discretion – because your privacy is our highest priority. Contact us and see for yourself.
  • Expert consulting for your business: Our highly qualified team is happy to assist you with any needs you may have, in both the SharePoint or Legacy Data spheres.

The Solution

-- Streamline Your Legacy Data Migration with SMART Migration --

    Have a closer look | SMART Migration for Teams management & setup | How SMART Migration for Teams works – a concept explanation.

    Embark on your migration journey with confidence. In essence, our solution is designed for simplicity and user empowerment. Document owners not only shape the migration plan but also sign off on the design, ensuring a migration process that aligns precisely with their vision. The integration of designed structure and metadata with binary content guarantees an accurate reflection of the envisioned result.

    Wishing you success with SMART Migration!

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    Unlike traditional methods dictated by IT consultants, our approach empowers document owners—those who possess an intimate understanding of the content.

    How SMART Migration scores

    • Getting started

      Edit the default Teams Channel and paste in the URL you copied from Team’s associated SharePoint site. Click Ok to connect and add the required Lists and Libraries. Note that this may take 5-8 minutes to complete. Important if you use “Web Login” Microsoft will throttle you when working with more than 500MB of file content per day, does not support “Web Login” for Teams management so the automatic Teams Channel detection and provisioning of SharePoint List and Library TABs inside the files section of any Channel cannot be done. You can add the TABs manually. Copy the generated URL to the teams Channel connection or the monitor channel URL.
    • Teams – User’s guide

      Teams – User’s guide

      One Team concept: The migration process revolves around one central team, facilitating collaboration with all project members. Lists, Libraries are integrated into the associated SharePoint site, enhancing the Teams-based SMART Migration process. The "Model" library features the "Job" content-type, hosting Discovery, PreMigration, Migration and Validation actions. Migration Files are upped within the "SMART Migration Job" folder as empty FileProxy items, serving as representations of real files. During transfer FileProxy properties merge with binary content, generating complete document library items in the destination.
    • SMART Migration Job

      Discovery, Pre-Migration, Migration, Validation Each «SMART Migration Job» is a FOLDER. The Proxies and sub folders within defines the job content and becomes the job result when migration is executed. *Tip: To simplify, it is suggested to create distinct jobs for Discovery and cut/copy/paste the proxies to other jobs where the Pre-Migration, Migration, and Validation tasks can be executed. Please be aware that the job needs to be situated in the root of the Model Document Library for SMART Migration to process it. Nevertheless, you are free to relocate it for storage as needed. Discovery Discover what files are in a given FileShare or SharePoint Document Library and create a Proxy Document Library item in the Job folder as a representation for each source file . *Each File Proxy is an empty file that represents the real file. It has properties that describe the real file such as location, Modified date etc.
    • “Migration Automation” to minimalize scripting

      Reduced Operating Costs: Establishing teams in emerging tech hubs such as India offers significant cost advantages compared to metropolitan centers in the US and Europe. Benefit from lower overheads and competitive labor rates while tapping into a rich pool of skilled professionals. Embrace the efficiency of cost-effective operations without compromising on quality or innovation. Let us guide you through the process of leveraging these advantages to drive your business forward and achieve your goals at a fraction of the cost.
    • Comparison to classic tools

      The unique Migration Automation allows you to build optimized SMART Migrations using pre-programed steps. It is designed for Legacy ECM migration, Legacy SharePoint content migration and FileShare migration. You can restructure and enrich content with active use of any external data source such as SQLServer, CSV, ODBC, SharePoint Lists etc. For example, external data can be the “driver of the migration” or be seamlessly combined with files from a FileShare and dynamically migrated into SharePoint Document Library Items – effectively migrating any legacy ECM to SharePoint. Look up our comparison specific to Sharegate and OneDrive Migration. "Upgrade your migration game with SMART Migration! 🚀 Utilize our unique Migration Automation for Legacy ECM, SharePoint, and FileShare migrations, integrating external data seamlessly. Compare us to Sharegate and OneDrive Migration!"
    • Unique for SMART Migration

      General USP IME = Integrated Migration Environment.
      All tools brought together in a DevOps version controlled platform. ✅ PowerShell ✅ Notepad ✅ Excel in ✅ SQL Server ✅ Windows Task Scheduler ✅ Migration tool (Sharegate/Microsoft SPMT Common code needed ✅ DevOps Version Control ✅ Separate environments for Development, Test and Production. Make changes only in the Development environment and cerate a version you then deploy to the Test environment and then when approved deploy to the Production environment. ✅ Consolidated always up-to-date actionable reporting. ✅ Consistent overview of where the migration project stands. The reporting output on ReMigration or RetryMigration. Essentially eliminating all CSV and Excel sheets used by legacy tools. ✅ Secretively ReMigrate files to fix metadata issues etc. even thought initially migrated successfully.
    • Licenses

      With a dependable offshoring partner, scaling becomes effortless. Expand your operations and recruit for any role seamlessly, without incurring the typical financial risks or operational disruptions. Enjoy the flexibility to grow your team and infrastructure with confidence, knowing that your partner has you covered every step of the way. With streamlined processes and expert guidance, navigate expansion smoothly and efficiently.

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